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Considering the development momentum which renewable energy sources have gained in recent years, we have directed our efforts towards biogas project consultancy and development. Due to our previous and current involvement with gasification projects, hazardous area classification and ATEX consultancy has proven to be one of the major fields of our expertise, but we are also taking part in other development areas of biogas projects in Croatia.

Our expertise in oil and gas upstream and midstream projects has provided us with an opportunity to participate in the development of geothermal energy projects, including Draškovec geothermal project developed by AAT Geothermae, one of the very few geothermal power plants being currently developed in Croatia.

  • Biogas power plants
  • Geothermal power plants
  • Biomass-fired cogeneration plants
Geothermal plant & resort Draškovec
Biomass fired cogeneration plant Vinkovci